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10 Healthy Eating Spots in Asheville

When you consider your meals for the day, what are the elements that are most important to you? Ingredients, location, menu options? So many times our food decisions are based on what we have a taste for at the time. Other times they’re determined by time or convenience. It’s can certainly be difficult, to eat healthy, and provide our bodies with the nutrition that they need, if you don’t plan well. It can also be a challenge if you’re not informed of the restaurant options available. Now, granted, a lot of ‘fast food’ organizations have adjusted their business models over the years. Many have adopted a more health conscious perspective and even give the calorie number/intake on the menu boards. Even the meal ‘sides’ included appear to be headed towards a more heart and body friendly contribution. These are indeed options.

However, this post is a mini trip across the greater Asheville area, in order to share with you some of the best fascinating, historic, scrumptious, trendy, serene and HEALTHY eating spots around. At these locations you can find ANYTHING that you have a craving for. Exciting starters/appetizers, delectable entrees, astoundingly moist and flavorful desserts; with these destinations you never have to sacrifice time, taste or health.

Without further ado, here are 10 Healthy Eating Spots in Asheville.



“The menu was varied and everything sounded good. I was impressed with the variety, from burgers to salads, to pasta. We both decided to order the Eggplant Parmesan. No lie, it was the best eggplant parm I have ever had.”
“Nice laid back atmosphere and nice wait staff. The food was outstanding. My friends got the bowls and I would highly recommend that. They looked amazing and tasted even better. It was a great spot for lunch and even non-vegetarians will find something they enjoy eating here.”
“They don’t advertise it much anymore but this place is 100% gluten free. Wonderful atmosphere in the heart of Asheville. Smart servers and the food is outstanding on any level. Lamb entree blew my mind. A real treat for someone who is gluten-free.”
“The service was great and all the staff were very friendly. The food was also very good, and I think you get to plenty of food for your money. The menu had a huge variety, and there were a lot of vegetarian/vegan options. Would definitely come back.”
“I can not say enough good things about this establishment. My wife and I were in town for a long weekend and went there twice it was so good. The service is very attentive without being annoying. The oysters are fantastic. I had 5 dozen over the two visits. My wife had the Surf Turf with King Crab and loved it.”
“I am looking forward to my next visit. The flavors were complex, fresh, and superbly balanced. I enjoyed the Sabich pita, and a hummus bowl. Samples of the baklava and chickpea fudge were also delicious endings.”
828-253-7656 & 828-210-0100
“Very bright and inviting. They offer a hot and salad bar. Great health food super market as well. The cafe is also very inviting. It is a very nice option for take home or eat in food, drinks! Cheers!!!”
“The food here is some of the best I have ever eaten. The salad and dressing are my very favorite. The chicken is also very delicious. So glad to have this location. Perfect to pick up lunch or dinner. A definitely YES!”
“My wife and I had a wonderful lunch at the Iron Hen Cafe. The service was excellent & the food delicious. The new manager was very attentive to all of our needs, communicating special requests to the kitchen & ensuring their performance. We’ll be back!”
“We went here looking for fresh baked sourdough bread naturally leavened with natural yeast and found it! This grocery store has all that most ‘greenies’ would wish for including a great selection of pre-prepared salads, pickles, Asian treats, cheeses, meats, wines and much much more. Good friendly service too.”

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